Esther (twinklery) wrote in knitting_ninjas,

a crazy-go-lucky project

hi folks. I'm a new member, but I'm a long time knitter and an avid spontaneous project starter. My most recent project is a knitted quilt: I have lots of little extra skeins laying around, and I've been knitting each into a 4x4 square, which I will eventually crochet together, add a backing, and viola! a quilt.

I have been doing each square in a different stitch, and thus far, I have exploited all my knitting books (not many) and a google search for "knitting stitches." However, I have exhausted these sources and want to take advantage of your minds for more stitches, or designs, which I can knit up into squares and add to my quilt.

What are your favorite knitting stitches? What are your favorite designs? Have any awesome free online knit-stitch librarys I should check out?

Any advice is appreciated!
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